Cassian was rescued from St. Landry Parish Animal Control by Acadiana Humane Society volunteers in August 2017. Our volunteers were there pulling another cat, when Cassian kept pawing out of his cage at them, and meowing as if to say “Me too! Take me too please!!” How could we leave him there? He has been neutered, microchipped, and kept current on vaccinations. Cassian did test positive for FIV, but has not had any health issues since in our care. 

Cassian is very sweet and well behaved. He loves attention and will call you when he needs some loving. He can be talkative when he wants to. He will carry on a conversation with you when he feels like it. He loves to be petted. He loves to snuggle, and will roll over for a good belly rub. 

He hasn’t been adopted, or even had any interest at all, since he’s been in our no-kill shelter. Thankfully Cassian has been accepted into Best Friends Animal Society and will be leaving to go to their sanctuary on, or shortly after, June 9th! Sponsors are urgently needed to help get him to Utah! He will be traveling with 3 other local FIV+ cats that were also accepted by Best Friends. Please donate through PayPal and note that it is for Cassian’s trip to Best Friends. If Paypal doesn’t let you make a note, just send us an email to let us know. Thank you!

Please help us get Cassian out of our shelter and into a beautiful sanctuary with other cats like him. Here are pictures of the other 3 FIV+ cats from other rescues that are also going to Best Friends at the same time:

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