Adoption Fees:

  • Cats & Kittens       $100 (We discount for already bonded pairs)
  • Purebred Cats:      $150 to $300
  • Dogs & Puppies:    $50 to $125
  • Special Needs Dogs (heartworm positive):   $100.00
  • Purebred Dogs:      $175
  • Special Needs Purebred Dogs (heartworm positive):   $150.00
  • Spayed Ferrets:     $100 (We discount for bonded pairs & sets)
  • Neutered Potbelly Pigs:     $80
  • Spayed Rabbits:     $50 (We discount for bonded pairs)
  • Chinchillas:              $75
  • Iguanas & Bearded Dragons:     Varies depending on size
  • Parakeets, Cockatiels, & Birds:     $10 & up depending on breed
  • Guinea Pigs:             $20 (We discount for bonded pairs)
  • Gerbils & Hamsters:   $10

Adoption fee includes vetting. Cats & dogs receive first series of vaccinations, spay and neutering, initial worming and necessary medical care while in our foster homes. Dogs are heartworm tested and on heartworm prevention. Cats are tested for feline leukemia and FIV.

Please note that due to the rising costs of vet care, our adoption fees are already considerably lower then what we actually spend on a healthy pet. We have not raised our adoption fees since February 2013 in spite of the ever increasing veterinary expenses. In some cases, we do lower our adoption fees on bonded pairs, or to keep littermates together.

On occasion, we may have purebred cats and/or dogs that have been given up by their  previous owners. The adoption fee is higher for these animals.

We care for our fostered animals as if they were our own and we want the best for them. Many of the adult animals that come to us have previously been neglected, abused, or abandoned. Our goal is to place all of our pets in permanent good and loving homes.

In the event that the adoption does not work out, for whatever reason, we ask that the animal be returned to us. Even if we are not currently taking on new rescue animals due to financial strain, we will always make room in our foster homes for a returned adopted pet as soon as possible. If we don’t have room at the time and you can’t hold them until we do, then we will help you rehome them or get them into a rescue that we trust.

We have some requirements that must be met before an adoption is finalized.   We reserve the right to refuse adoptions to anyone if any of those requirements are not met.


Dogs & Puppies: Fenced-in backyard. We do on occasion make an exception to this for apartments and some smaller dogs. It depends on the personality of the dog if the fence is negotiable or not.

Cats & Kittens: Inside Only and NO Declawing.

If adopting an unaltered Guinea Pig or other unaltered small pet or bird, you must sign contract agreeing not to breed it.

Completed Application Form:

  • Must have proper ID with current address.
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must have knowledge or consent of landlord or leasing agent.
  • Must be willing to elaborate or clarify answers on application form when  asked by AHS representative.
  • Must be willing and able to spend time and money necessary to provide proper care of pet, any necessary medical treatment, training.

If you are interested in one of our adoptable dogs, cats, pigs, or ferrets you can download our Adoption Prescreening Application form. Save the application form to your computer under your name, fill out the information requested, save it again when completed. Email the completed application form to or the email address of the foster parent that is listed on that pet’s Petfinder page.  On the subject line, put “Prescreening Adoption Application for “name of pet that you’re interested in.”

Submitting a prescreening application does not guarantee a successful adoption of any of our fosters.

To view all of our adoptable animals please see the pet scroller below. Click on a thumbnail to view that pet’s page on Petfinder. Thank you!

Are you concerned about pet allergies?

Individuals with pet allergies still have options when looking to adopt! Get information on cat and dog allergy testing and tips for living with allergies and pets here. Do you want to know for sure if you’re allergic to rabbits or hay? You can see your doctor or check out Health Labs’ Rabbit Allergy Testing or Timothy Hay Allergy Testing. There are ways to manage your allergies and still keep your pets, and Health Labs has tips to help with that. If you do develop an allergy to a pet that you adopt from us, and you try the tips recommended by your doctor and/or Health Labs, we do have a life time return policy on our adopted pets. Just contact us and let us know you adopted from us and that you need to return the pet due to allergies.

Saturdays: 11AM to 2PM

We hold adoption events at both Petco Lafayette locations. Watch our blog, Facebook page, & Twitter page to know which location we are at on which Saturdays. We sometimes have extended adoption times, and Facebook & Twitter have the most current info as they are easy to update from a cell phone.

Petco North is located at 3215 Louisiana Ave, Lafayette, LA 70501  (Off of I-10 at the Sterling Shopping Center) 337-406-1791

Petco South is located at 605 Settler’s Trace Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70508 (Off Ambassador Caffery near Kaliste Saloom) 337-406-1791

You can view some of our adoptable pets online at Adopt A Pet dot com or by using the Petfinder scroller below.



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