Slowly, but surely, the hurricane proof cat shelter is taking shape.  As luck would have it, the Acadiana area experienced two hurricanes within two weeks apart in early September of 2008. Since the shelter was not 100% finished, we all scrambled to make sure every foster animal and ourselves were as safe as we could possibly be. We are happy to report that the outer shell of the shelter withstood the winds and rainsqualls quite well.

These recent experiences served to emphasis the urgency in which we need to complete the shelter before the next hurricane season. We really would like to finish the shelter before the 2009 hurricane season starts!

The foundation and outer shell of the cat shelter is complete, but further work has been put temporarily on hold until we can raise more funds or obtain donations for items for the inside of the shelter like wiring, plumbing, walls, windows, and air conditioning/heating.Â

Our wish list to complete the shelter is as follows:

1. One (1) 2 ton or 1.5 ton AC & Heater Unit, vents, & ducts for ceiling installation

2. One (1) window AC & Heater unit for the Quarantine room, 6ft x 6ft.

3. One (1) Generator

4. Four (4) 2ft. x 8ft. Fluorescent ceiling fixtures & bulbs for the Office, Cat & storage rooms

5. Fiberglass drywall ( mold resistant ) to cover a 6ft. x 9ft. room, the Quarantine room, 15ft. x 24ft. Cat Room – needed for sterilization

6. Two (2) 30inch or 32 inch hollow core inside doors with hardware and framing for the Storage and Quarantine Rooms

7. One (1) 24 inch hollow core inside door with hardware & framing for the washroom

8. One (1) 30inch or 32inch door with glass on the top half with hardware and framing for the Cat Room

9. One (1) metal storage cabinet for medicine – with locks

10. Drywall/sheet rock to cover three (3) rooms, the Office 6ft. x 24ft., the Storage room 10ft. x 15ft., and the washroom 6ft. x 6ft.

11. Porcelain flooring for the Cat Room 15 ft. x 24ft., the Office 6ft. x 15ft., the Washroom 6ft. x 6ft., and the Quarantine Room 6ft. x 9ft.

12. Studs, 2″ x 4″ x 8′, and 2″ x4″ x 12′, to construct the inside walls of the shelter, refer to the Floor Plan

13. Ceiling material for the 24 ft. x 30ft. shelter, refer to Floor Plan

14. Drywall/ sheet rock plaster/mud and tape for all walls

15. Five (5) large windows and framing for the Cat Room and the Office, double pane

16. One (1) 2ft. x 4ft. window & framing for the Quarantine Room, double pane

17. Storm shutters for all six (6) windows

18. Low VOC interior paint for all walls, doors, and framing/molding

19. Phone lines, phone jack, and phone with two lines

20. One (1) 16 circuit fuse box, outlets, switches, etc. for all rooms

21. Cat Room shelves, scratch posts, climbing furniture, litter boxes, food and water containers

22. Desk and storage for the Office

23. Bedding, towels, toys for the Cat and Quarantine Rooms

24. Cleaning supplies, bleach, mops, etc.

25. Four (4) ceiling fans for the Cat, Office, Quarantine and Storage rooms

26. Sealant for the Storage room concrete floor

27. One (1) refrigerator for storing medicine, formula, etc.

28. One (1) low-flush toilet, 1.6 gallons, and all the plumbing to install

29. Six (6) wall-mounted sanitizers and liquid sanitizer with moisturer

30. Large sturdy/industrial type steamcleaner for all floors

31. Stacked apartment style washer/dryer for the washroom


All donations are tax deductible and we accept donations via Paypal, check, or money order.

We also welcome any volunteers with experience in electricity, plumbing, carpentry, or construction to help us with finishing the shelter.

To see the photographic progression of the shelter construction, please click on
these links:   and

For further info about the hurricane shelter, please email or call (337) 371-5477 and ask us. Until completed, our shelter is not open to the public.

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