After several years in animal rescue, the Acadiana Humane Society was officially formed and incorporated in 2000. We are a private, no-kill, non-profit animal rescue comprised completely of volunteers. We are a foster home network, and most of our rescue animals are currently being fostered in the homes of volunteers. We are not associated with any national organization.

On  January 1, 2007, My Cat Ranch merged with Acadiana Humane Society. Operating as one rescue under official 501c3 non-profit guidelines, this allows us to work together to save more homeless animals. Our current goal is to raise funds to finish our hurricane-proof animal shelter, to house some of our rescue animals until such a time that they are ready to be adopted. It will also double as an evacuation shelter for foster animals that are in foster homes below I-10 during a hurricane when an evacuation is called for Lafayette Parish, but not St. Landry Parish.

Most of our animals are kept in our homes, and are introduced to children, cats, dogs, men and women. Placing cats and dogs in foster homes allows an opportunity to observe how the animal will react to situations that will occur once they have been adopted. This allows us to guide prospective adopters to the animal that we feel is best suited for their household and lifestyle, and for the well being of that particular animal.

Many animal rescues in the area focus on dogs, or dogs and cats. Our rescue, however, also rescues rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, bearded dragons, iguanas, reptiles, birds, mini pot belly pigs, chickens, ducks, and other animals as our space and resources allow. All animals receive the appropriate veterinary care before they are available to the public for adoption. All dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits are spayed or neutered before adopted. All dogs, cats, and ferrets receive rabies and basic vaccinations as soon as they come into our care. All animals are examined and receive treatment for any illness, injury, or parasites. All cats are tested for feline leukemia and FIV. All dogs are tested for heartworms, and kept on heartworm prevention for as long as they remain in our care.

Our Mission:

To work with other animal rescues, shelters, and fostering programs, to make this world a better place for animals by networking together with others to get animals out of animal control facilities.

To provide food, shelter and medical care to those animals in our care that are awaiting placement into good permanent homes.

To heighten awareness of animal cruelty and to strive to prevent it. While we do not have cruelty investigators, we do pass on reports of abuse to the Humane Society of Louisiana, as they do have the ability and manpower to handle these calls. You can report animal cruelty directly to the Humane Society of Louisiana through their website.

To educate the public in the critical need to spay or neuter their pets and in proper care and ownership as well as providing generic
information that further empowers responsible pet ownership.

To promote the end of the use of euthanasia as a form of animal control.

To instill a sense of stewardship in the next generation of  companion animal caretakers.

To assist qualified low income persons/families with the cost of spaying/neutering their cats and dogs through Spay Nation in Lafayette, when funds are available.

To temporarily provide free dog or cat food to qualified persons/families during times of economic crisis through our Pet Food Bank, when donated pet food is available.

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