Sue Rabeaux on October 13th, 2020

You can make a difference while you shop Amazon Prime Day deals on October 13 & 14. Simply shop at or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app and AmazonSmile donates to Acadiana Humane Society.

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Sue Rabeaux on October 12th, 2020

#Acadiana Humane Society suffered major wind damage from hurricane #Delta. We lost one #dog kennel and two kennel roofs. The roof on our quarantine/storage building is damaged and all the #animal feed and supplies that were inside got wet and are useless now. Many trees are down, at least 3 huge oaks trees totally uprooted, and lots of trees and huge broken branches everywhere. The road on one side is still totally blocked by a huge tree that we heard fall during the #hurricane. All of the #rescue #animals are fine, other than stress from the storm and now the heat. We’ll need to raise money ASAP to replace animal feed and supplies, to replace the kennel and kennel roofs, and to repair the roof on the building. We also have a lot of trees we need to have cut and removed. We must get a larger #generator before the next big #storm! We still have no power, no internet, and 4G is rarely working. Donations of any size are welcomed and very much appreciated! Please help our all volunteer, non-profit animal rescue get back on our feet after the storm. Thank you!

Sue Rabeaux on October 9th, 2020

Acadiana Humane Society volunteers are doing last minute preparations to ensure the safety of our over 100 rescue animals. It’s been raining off and on already from rainbands as hurricane Delta approaches.

If you’re also in the path of this weather: please prepare; protect property, people & pets. Stay 6alert and aware. Stay safe and dry. We’ll update via Instagram or Facebook as we can, as long as we still have power and internet.

You can follow our local weather here: and also here

Donate to Acadiana Humane Society. 

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Sue Rabeaux on September 19th, 2020

Have a Happy and Lazy #Caturday! Learn from the #cats how to take a day off to relax, yawn, nap, watch a little TV or read a book, eat, stretch or do a little yoga, and enjoy some cuddles. You can also donate today to help Acadiana Humane Society rescue cats and #kittens. 

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Sue Rabeaux on August 26th, 2020

Hurricane Laura is now a monster Cat 3 and expected to be a Cat 4 before landfall. Many areas of Acadiana are under voluntary or mandatory evacuations. We’re under voluntary evacuations here in Sunset, Louisiana. But we can’t leave with over 100 animals.
The area expected to get the more direct hit is under mandatory evacuations.
Stay safe. Stay informed. If you’re under mandatory evacuations, please go now.
You can follow our local weather station here:
And also

We update Facebook and Instagram more often then our website. So please feel free to follow us there. Instagram and Twitter username is mycatranch.

Our Facebook page is:

We’re anticipating severe tropical storm weather here at Acadiana Humane Society. Funds are low after stocking up on pet food, water, and necessary supplies. We didn’t have enough money for a generator for our shelter, so praying we don’t loose power. If you’d like to help, please feel free to donate if you can. Thank you!