Acadiana Humane Society’s dog kennels are old, rusting, and falling apart. One of our dogs escaped yesterday, and we had to temporarily repair the fence. We are in need of at least six new 10 x 10 x 6 dog kennels. We like these that are sold at Tractor Supply because we can easily connect them together to make larger kennels using fewer panels, and for another $99 per section we can add a roof to protect the dogs from the sun and rain. We have a wish list from Tractor Supply Co. with other items we need as well. If anyone can order some to donate to us, we will gladly pick them up at either the Breaux Bridge or Opelousas Tractor Supplies. Thank you! Click here for our wishlist. We will accept and use any dog kennels, these are just the ones we prefer if possible. 

Acadiana Humane Society is currently over capacity on dogs due to our old, damaged dog kennels. We are no longer taking in any dogs until our current dogs are adopted and the dog kennels are all replaced, as repairing is no longer good enough. They have been repaired too many times already. We are also over capacity on cats and kittens, and are not taking in any more at this time. We will still make room for adopted cats and small animals that need to be returned. The only animals that we can take in at this time are small, caged animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, iguanas, pet birds, etc. We are currently seeking new volunteers willing to foster small animals, cats, and dogs that are already in our system. If we can get new foster homes, then it would help relieve some stress from our currently overworked volunteers. We also need adopters for many of our adoptable cats, dogs, rabbits, and other small animals. If you would like to foster, or adopt, the initial prescreening application process is the same. There is a spot on the application to put the name of the pet you want to adopt. If you are wanting to foster, just write “foster (insert type of animals)” on the line that says name of pet to adopt. Sending your completed application attached to an email is the fastest way to get the processing started. You can download the WORD document for our prescreening application from our website by clicking this link. We are also currently out of funding for our Spay/Neuter Fund to help low income families and indiviuals, as well as low on funding for everyday upkeep of our non-profit, no-kill animal rescue. We are dangerously low on cat litter (both clumping for the cats & clay for the kittens), and also very low on kitten food! We are a 100% volunteer rescue group, so your donation goes 100% to the care and feeding of the rescue animals of Acadiana Humane Society. We do have a Paypal donation button on our website if you can’t foster or adopt, but would like to help us continue to save lives. We can accept kitten food and cat litter in the donation bin at Petco South Lafayette, or in the lobby of Bridge Storage on Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. If you prefer to donate pet food and supplies directly, you email or text us to make arrangements to meet with one of us. Or, watch our Facebook page for our events and bring your donations to us there. Thank you!


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