Acadiana Humane Society‘s pet food pantry is dangerously low on cat & kitten food, and cat litter. We are especially low on kitten food! We are in urgent need of donations to purchase pet food, or gift cards to Petco or other area stores that carry cat/kitten food. We can also accept donations of bags of any good quality dry kitten food and canned kitten food, as well as rabbit pellets. We prefer to use Purina Kitten Chow, or Purina Pro Plan Kitten formulas for our rescue kittens. We go through a lot more clumping litter than cat litter, but we do use both kinds. We will use whatever is donated! We currently have plenty of dog food thanks to donations after the Louisiana flood. What we need now is kitten food, cat food, cat litter, and rabbit pellets. Our rescue currently goes through over 350 pounds of cat/kitten food, 150 pounds of dog food, and 20 pounds of rabbit food per week! That’s over 520 pounds of pet food in just one week! This doesn’t even count the pet food we provide to low income families through Acadiana Humane Society’s Pet Food Bank. We provide, on average, over 500 pounds of dog & cat food per month to low income families so they don’t have to give up their pets. This means our rescue uses and shares with others over 1,000 pounds of pet food a week, which is over 4,000 pounds a month!

Donations can be sent using the Paypal button on our website. You can also mail checks, money orders, or gift cards to Acadiana Humane Society; P.O. Drawer C; Sunset, La. 70584-0536. Or, you can purchase and donate bags of pet food directly to us by bringing to one of our drop off locations. Bridge Storage on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette has two donation boxes in their lobby for us all the time. Cat/Kitten food/litter items left in the donation bin at Petco South at 605 Settler’s Trace Blvd. go to Acadiana Humane Society. Please write AHS in permanent marker on bags of food or litter you leave at either Petco location so that the other rescues know it’s for us. You can also text, call, or email us to arrange for us to pick it up from you. Thank you.

If you would like a donation receipt, please take a photo of the items donated and either email us, or message us through our Facebook page, the photo along with your email address and we can email you a donation letter since we are a 501c3 animal rescue. Also, if you let us know which drop off location they are at, we I’ll pick up ASAP. Thanks so much!

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