On December 30, 2016 Acadiana Humane Society volunteers went back to St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue because we couldn’t get our minds off two badly injured/sick kitties that we had seen on the 28th when we were there to pull Ariel the kitten with the birth defect in three legs.



When we were there Wednesday, we had seen a terrified adult cat with a badly injured tail. We went back on Friday to pull him, and we named him Anders. We had also seen a tiny silver tabby kitten with both eyes badly infected/injured. We pulled her too and named her Lydia. Both Anders and Lydia were immediately started on Clavamox since it was a holiday, and they will see our regular vet on Monday morning. We had a few extra crates with us, so we decided to see if we should pull anyone else. We ended up leaving SLPAC with 3 cats and 9 kittens.

We also pulled a family of five kitties. These four tiny nursing kittens were born at animal control and managed to survive this long. We pulled all four babies and their mom. We named the mom Mercy. Volunteers named the kittens as follows: The Tortoiseshell is Lena. The smoke (right back corner) is Hana. The two black kittens are Genji and Hanzo. Mercy was getting depressed raising her babies in animal control. She is now much happier, as are her babies, in our no-kill shelter. She knows she is in a safer and better environment to raise her children. They all curl up together and purr loudly and make biscuits.

nora2While there, we fell in love with this adorably cute face. Our hearts confirmed that we need to pull this tiny baby girl when we heard her story. She came in as a bottle baby and shelter workers bottle fed them all. The others slowly got sick and they all died, all but this one. She never even got sick. She has a strong will to live. Black cats and kittens are always overlooked in shelters, so we had to pull her too. Volunteers named her Nora.


charlie2Animal control is not a good environment for cats or kittens. Adult cats are afraid because they can smell and sense what’s going on around them. The longer they stay, the more fearful they become. This handsome Flame Pt. was very depressed and terrified being in the shelter. He was so traumatized that he urinated all over one of our volunteers when she held him to put him in the crate. She didn’t react in any way to add to his fear, instead she held him securely and reassured him that we were getting him out of here and to a safe place. On December 28, 2016 Charlie was pulled from St Landry Parish Animal Control and is now housed in Acadiana Humane Society‘s no kill shelter temporarily while one of our volunteers works with him. He will eventually be transferred to Second Hand Siamese where he will be neutered, etc. and made available for adoption. For now he is getting plenty of food, fresh water, and patient TLC as he allows. He refused to eat the first 24 hours he was with us, but he is starting to come around and is now eating. He is less fearful, but still not very trusting of anyone but the volunteer that didn’t get upset when he peed on her.

reynpoe2finnThis litter of 3 kittens ended up at St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue after a house fire. They came from a house with 40+ chihuahuas. The kittens are a bit shy and reserved, especially the solid black one on the bottom of this cage. Black cats are often overlooked at in shelters, so on December 30, 2016 Acadiana Humane Society pulled the whole litter of three kittens. Volunteers named the tuxedos Rey and Poe, and the solid black one Finn. They are currently being worked with to help them become more trusting of humans. 

So between December 28th & 30th, Acadiana Humane Society pulled 15 cats & kittens from St Landry Parish Animal Control. Donations to help with their vet bills would be greatly appreciated! We have a Paypal button on our website, or you can also send in a check or money order made out to Acadiana Humane Society to our mailing address at P.O. Drawer C; Sunset, La 70584. Just note which of these cats or kittens you would prefer to sponsor when you send in your donation. If you don’t specify, then it will just go towards whichever rescue animal needs it the most.

cpac2malepigs2In addition to saving 3 cats and 9 kittens at St Landry Parish Animal Control on December 30th, our volunteers also drove to Lake Charles to Calcasieu Parish Animal Shelter where we pulled two male guinea pigs. 




jasperpostsurgeryIncluding Jasper the Bengal with the broken pelvis that we pulled from St. John the Baptist Animal Shelter in LaPlace, Louisiana last week (he is already recovering from his surgery); these recent rescues now put our no-kill animal rescue back at full capacity. We will need to raise enough funds to get them all examined by our veterinarians, treated for all injuries, illnesses, and parasites. As well as getting all cats & kittens tested, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchippped before they will be available for adoption. Your donations and sponsorship are critical for helping us to continue saving lives. Many thanks to those of you who made end of year donations to Acadiana Humane Society. We welcome any and all donations as we enter 2017 with a full shelter and foster homes full of rescued animals.


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