Three kittens are safe tonight! Acadiana Humane Society pulled 3 kittens and a chicken from St. Landry Parish Animal Control earlier today (Dec 28, 2016). Two of them are special needs kittens that normally would have been euthanized by most animal control facilities for their condition. We pulled a young kitten with one blood red injured eye, and a possibly cut off tail (her stump is raw and painful). We named her Samara, and she will see our vet tomorrow. We also pulled a 6 month old kitten with a birth defect that caused three of her legs to be deformed. In spite of her handicap she is litterbox trained and can get in and out of a ferret litter box because it has one really short side. Her two front feet curl in like flippers, and one back foot sticks out on the side. She will be seen by our vet to determine her medical needs before she is available for adoption. Donations are urgently needed to help with their vet bills, as well as to help finish paying for the pelvis surgery for Jasper the Bengal. His surgery went well today, and now he has a metal plate and 7 screws. He will need to be on cage rest to heal, but is expected to have a full recovery. We have a Paypal donation button on the side of this page, as well as a YouCaring Fundraiser link if you click here. You can also send in a check or money order made out to Acadiana Humane Society to our mailing address at P.O. Drawer C; Sunset, Louisiana 70584-0536. Special thanks to Second Hand Siamese Rescue for agreeing to take the Flame Pt. Siamese kitten if we pulled him after we saw him at SLPAC.  We didn’t plan on pulling more then the two special needs kittens and the chicken, so I only had three crates with me. He was so good though, and just sat on her lap in the car, and eventually climbed up to snuggle in her arms, hug her, and ta ta her face with his paws. So sweet!
If anyone can help with our fundraiser to help pay vet bills for Jasper, the two special needs kittens, and the other rescue animals of Acadiana Humane Society, please do! We can not do what we do to save the lives of helpless and homless animals in Acadiana withour your support! Please help us to continue to save one life at a time. Thank you!





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