We said we couldn’t take in more animals without donations to pay off our ever growing vet bills. But since we recently asked for help we have taken in 4 guinea pigs, a rabbit, 4 chinchillas, & now 3 tiny kittens! The chinchillas we transferred to NOLA Chinchilla rescue as we had to save them from animal control, but we just don’t have the finances to care for them. Acadiana Humane Society is in very urgent need of donations for our vet bills!! We already owe money to four different veterinarian offices and have been numerous times since we first posted our pleas for help! The bills are due or past due now and we don’t have the available funds to pay them off! We have now reached our cap at one vet and will no longer be able to use these vets for additional medical care! We already have several spay appointments pending, and we need to update vaccinations on many of the rescues. Now we also have 3 bottle baby kittens to feed and bring to the vet!! Please, if you can spare even $5.00 we can use every single penny right now! Please help us to continue to save the lives of animals in Acadiana! We can not continue to save lives without a lot more help! We have a YouCaring Fundraiser set up. There is also a Paypal donation button on our website! Thank you!! If you prefer, we can also accept a check or money order made out to Acadiana Humane Society and you can send it to our mailing address at P.O. Drawer C; Sunset, Louisiana 70584-0536.

YouCaring fundraiser: https://www.youcaring.com/acadiana-humane-society-678511


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