The weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the litters are being born. Even the stray parakeet we took in is laying eggs. If your pets are not spayed or neutered, now is an excellent time to get it done so that your pets do not add to the unwanted litters being born in Acadiana. Hundreds of animals die in government run animal control facilities every day because there just are not enough homes, and not enough animal rescues, to house them all. Acadiana Humane Society is a no-kill animal rescue. Once an animal is in our care, he or she is safe. Our animals are cared for as long as it takes until an adoptive home can be found for them. While this is wonderful news for the animals already in our care, it means there are many more out there that we don’t have room for and can not save. Please spay and neuter and do your part to help become a part of the solution to unwanted pets. If you live in or near Lafayette, Louisiana, we recommend you check out Spay Nation Lafayette to get your cat or dog spayed or neutered. Spay Nation Lafayette is offering a special, by appointment only, feral cat package during the month of April. Check out their website for more information on their feral cat program. If you live in or near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we recommend Azalea Lakes Veterinary Clinic. There are many other vets and spay/neuter programs in Acadiana that you can use as well. 


Spring time is the time of the year for Easter baskets and bunny rabbits. But, is a bunny rabbit right for you and your family? In our opinion, Easter is not necessarily the best time to get a bunny, especially if you haven’t done your research first. Did you know that indoor rabbits that are properly cared for can live for ten or more years? Did you know that 95% of “Easter bunnies” don’t make it to their first birthday, or are surrendered to animal control, or are dumped outside to fend for themselves? A domestic rabbit can not survive on it’s own in the wild. It is also illegal to dump any domestic animal outside to fend for itself. If you are considering a rabbit as a pet, please do your research so you know what your responsibilities will be to properly care for him or her. If you can’t handle or afford all that proper care includes, then please do the responsible thing and get a chocolate rabbit or a plush bunny, or a honey bunny for your Easter basket instead. If you do choose to get a rabbit, please consider adopting a spayed or neutered rabbit from Acadiana Humane Society, or Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue, or another shelter near you.

A Rabbit Is Not A Toy

The honey bunnies are here! That’s right Great Harvest of Acadiana is doing it again! For every honey bunny purchased they will donate $1 to Acadiana Humane Society! They have two different sizes available this Spring! Great Harvest of Acadiana is located at 854 Kaliste Saloom in Lafayette. You can call & order your honey bunny bread at (337) 236-8966 to be sure they don’t run out before you can purchase yours.



Acadiana Humane Society volunteers will be at the following upcoming events:

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