According to TV10 weather reports, we are expecting a very cold week, and below freezing weather at night! Night time lows later this week in the 20’s expected! TV10 KLFY weather reports say that it will be the coldest stretch of weather we’ve seen in well over two years!

Although our hurricane safe animal shelter is not fully constructed yet, we have been using it to house kittens in cage systems. We have also been able to crate dogs on cold and/or wet nights, so they don’t have to sleep in their dog houses in the outdoor kennels. We still need to add interior walls, plumbing, fixtures, etc. However, as long as the animals do not run loose, we can keep them safe inside the incomplete shelter as needed. We have an air conditioner/heater window unit that used to be sufficient for keeping the inside of the animal shelter warm. However, the heater has died and no longer works. We have priced a new unit that is the right size for our shelter. We urgently need $700.00 to purchase this ac/heater unit. If anyone can help, we can accept PayPal donations specifically for the heater at If you use the PayPal button below, please type in your donation amount and click the “update total” button before logging into PayPal. Thank you!


To view the current weather in Sunset, go to To view our current 10 day weather predictions, you can see them on TV10’s Live Doppler Weather Blog, as well as at

Donations by check or money order can be made out to Acadiana Humane Society and mailed to us at:

Acadiana Humane Society
P.O. Drawer C
Sunset, LA 70584-0536

Thank you!

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  1. Sue Rabeaux says:

    UPDATE: We received $155.00 in donations so far. We borrowed the remaining $545.00 needed to purchase the heater for the animal shelter. Donations are still needed so we can replace the spent money. Thank you!

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