Shirley Rousseau Murphy, author of the Joe Grey cat detective mystery books,  has graciously donated six of her books to AHS/ Cat Ranch to use for their fundraising efforts.  They are hardback editions, with beautifully illustrated jacket covers,  and personally signed by Ms. Murphy. 


Ms. Murphy’s books have won 7  Muse Medallion awards for Best Cat Novel of the Year from the Cat Writer’s Association.  A life long cat lover,  she has this to say about cats:

“To imagine our lives without cats stirs such an empty feeling. To imagine our human world without any animals at all, is, for me, to imagine a vast and empty void sterile in the extreme. No bird, no beast. No warm fur to stroke, no mute friend who is yet so eloquent, no eye of another species in which to gaze and speculate, no wondrous and tentative communication with one who is not like us. To be surrounded only with other humans–who are often very dull–to encounter no other form of intelligence or joyfulness or wit, seems to me unthinkably tedious. ”

Please visit her delightful website!

Thank you very much, Ms. Murphy, and we look forward to the next Joe Grey mystery, “Cat Deck The Halls” coming out this month!

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