The following was contributed by Susan Walls with additions by  Lynn Kupfer on 12/14/05

We got great news to share! Our special needs kitty, Julius, has found his special dad just in time for the holidays!

You may remember Julius from our Fall 2005 newsletter and on our website here, as one of our special furbabies who is diabetic and was seeking his forever home.  For a while it appeared that he was headed to the Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanabe, Utah, after January 1st....

Until Julius met Joe, from Richmond, VA, who was visiting Julius's foster mom, Susan.  Needless to say, the two guys hit off very well... Here's what Susan had to say.. 

"Joe was visiting me and, one morning, came down the stairs with Julius in his arms announcing that he thought Julius was trying to adopt him.  Indeed, it was quite uncanny: Julius would sit under his chair while Joe was eating at the table, and he would sleep beside Joe (not me!) and lie on his chest.  Joe didn't think twice about taking Julius back on the plane with him. 

Last night's report from Joe was that he was totally in LOVE with Julius, that he believes Julius is his guardian angel, and that they were meant to be.  Julius has even learned that the alarm clock is supposed to wake Joe up in the morning and, if Joe isn't arousing as quickly as Julius would like, Julius will bump the alarm clock with his head as if he's trying to set it off (very smart cat).  He then lies on his chest and nibbles Joe on 
the nose, while drops of drool form and drop from Julius' mouth (much to Joe's chagrin).  Joe thinks the drool is in response to Julius' hunger in the mornings, and he's learned to associate - in a Pavlovian style - food with this wake up routine.  I don't think that Julius could have found a better home if we'd searched the world over."

Very heartfelt congratulations to Julius and Joe, may they have MANY fulfilling days in their lives together!
Stories like this are what we at AHS are all about, hope for, and dream of for all those that we take into our foster homes.  It is even sweeter when one of these lucky ones is a special needs animal.

Don't let a furry friend's medical condition or apparent disability deter you from what could possibly be the greatest decision you'll ever make from your heart - the adoption of one of our special needs animals.