Camillo is a neutered, yellow and white ball of fluff who looks bigger than his actual weight of 10 lbs.  His preferred spot is in your lap. 

Although he has a great personality and good looks, he also has the FIV (the feline immunodeficiency virus).

 This does not mean that he is sick or that he will get sick; he simply is carrying the virus.  Most FIV kittens and cats, when kept in good health, remain perfectly healthy and can live a normal life for many, many years.  FIV-positive cats can also live with other cats as long as there is no fighting in the house.  Camillo is about 2 or 3 years old.


There is a common misconception that the feline FIV is the same virus, will cause the human HIV/AIDS virus, or that humans will "catch" the virus from the cat.


This is an very good educational link that answers questions about FIV in very plain English

We were not able to find a permanent home for Camillo locally in Lafayette or the surrounding Acadiana area, however, in January 2006, the Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanabe, Utah, agreed to take in Camillo.  Given the international reputation of Best Friends, Camillo has a better chance of being adopted to a loving home through Best Friends... however.. if not.. we know he is assured that he will have a permanent place to happily live out the rest of his natural life surrounded by his new feline friends who are also FIV positive.