(written by his foster mom Michelle)
Trey is a wonderfully sweet and loving kitten.  We knew that he was a special needs kitty before he came to our home.   He was found with a dead leg, and for him to have a good quality of life, that leg had to be amputated.  We took him into our  home, and three days later his bad leg was removed.  During the days prior to his surgery we watched him struggle as he would drag that leg everywhere he went.  He would sometimes use it as a crutch, but mostly it just got in his way.  He has a strong spirit and that leg did not get him down.  He played just as hard as the other four kittens in our care.  It was as if they knew that something was wrong with him, and they let him win most of the time.  Unfortunately, that leg would get the best of him.  Trey would get tired very easy and required a lot more sleep than the other kittens.  He likes to be held as he sleeps, and my daughter accommodated him with that! 

 Now that the leg is gone, he has not slowed down at all.  He wanted to play the same day that the surgery was done.  Trey actually had to be kenneled so that he would not hurt his self.  After two days, we let him out of the kennel.  It was hard watching him learn to walk  all over again.  He would fall on his face quite often, but he soon learned how to walk and keep his head up at the same time.  The litter box was a really hard thing to watch because he would have to lean against the side of the box (he requires a deep litter box) just so he could go to the bathroom.

 It has been almost 2 months since Trey’s Surgery, and he is doing fine.  His fur has grown over the incision line; he can walk, run, and use the litter box with ease, and most of all he is an extremely loving kitten.  I hope someone has a place in their heart for this wonderfully unique animal. 



Trey was adopted!  He is doing quite well in his new home!