Smoke and Abby
They Survived With Our Love
Diana and I had been part of AHS's foster home network for two months when Smoke and Abby, along with their brothers Wolfie and Ash, came into our lives.  They were from an original litter of 5 kittens whose mother tested positive for the Feline Leukemia virus  (FeLV+). 




Even being FeLV+, these kittens were very sociable, loving and playful just like any normal kittens would be, and they deserved to find a permanent, loving home. They did not show obvious signs of being sick, and based on veterinary knowledge and other documentation, with appropriate care and other ideal conditions, FeLV positive kittens/cats can survive up to several years of being infected, despite being more suspectible to common feline illnesses that normal cats would easily get over. 

Unfortunately, we lost both Wolfie and Ash towards the end of July 2005 to complications arising from the FeLV syndrome. 

Smoke was a beautiful gray-silver male.  His long haired coat was incredibly soft and silky to the touch, and his tail looked almost like a feather.  He was very laid back, and loved to crawl into your lap for attention.

 Abby was a gorgeous black-rust-gold flecked tortishell female. 
She was quite playful and enjoyed playing with a variety of kitty toys.

We were not able to find a loving home locally in the Acadiana area for Smoke and Abby, however, in January 2006, the Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanabe, Utah, agreed to take them in. Best Friends is an internationally well known and respected pet sanctuary, taking in thousands of unwanted or seemingly unadoptable animals from all over.  We felt that Smoke and Abby would have a better chance of being adopted as part of the Best Friends special cats community... if not... then they were assured of a home where they would be allowed to live out their natural lives for however long that may be.

The most recent email AHS received from Best Friends assured us that both cats, along with Camillo and Fred, were doing quite well!  Abby is featured on the Best Friends website 

Two very informative websites offer more in depth information on FeLV at:

Our friend Allyson recently visited Best Friends and spent time there.  She got to see Abby up close and personal, but she brought the sad news that Smoke had passed over the Rainbow Bridge in July of 2007.  Allyson shared these photos that she took during her trip there.
We were heartbroken about Smoke - from the photo below, he sure grew to be a beautiful, beautiful boy.  We will see you, Smoke, at the Rainbow Bridge one day.

Abby - March 2008
See Abby at the Best Friends website
Abby is Spiderman's Sidekick!