On 2/21/2023, Acadiana Humane Society volunteers rescued a terrified pup in Sunset, Louisiana that had been shot in the face with a BB gun. There was also a second very scared pup, with several facial scars, who they were unable to rescue until the next day. They were both posted online, and volunteers checked the lost and found pages to see if anyone was looking for them. It appears that no one is missing these dogs. We are a small, all volunteer, non-profit rural animal rescue with a shoestring budget. We don’t have available funds for any animal emergencies. We put out pleas on Facebook, and a handful of people stepped up to donate what they could. On 2/24/2023 both pups were seen by the veterinarian for examinations and rabies vaccinations. We also had them surgically remove the BB pellet from the cheekbone on the one dog. The dog is very lucky that the BB missed the eyes! How anyone can look a dog in the eye and shoot them while they’re looking at them, I’ll never, ever understand! A foster stepped up and they both went to their temporary home after they saw the vet. Sponsors are still needed to get the rest of their vaccinations, do heartworm testing and prevention, and getting them altered. Donations can be made online through PayPal or Square using the links on our donation page. www.acadianahumane.org/catblogger/donate

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