On 8/22/2020 Louisiana’s governor declared a state of emergency in advance of potential landfall from both Tropical Storm Laura, and Tropical Storm Marco; both of which could impact Louisiana within the next week. We are in a unique situation being in the cone of two storms, which could impact different areas of the state; with the potential of the rare phenomenon of the Fujiwhara effect if the two storms collide.

It’s critical that our rescue prepares to hunker down with the 100+ animals in our care. We need pet food and supplies, bottled water, and other essential hurricane supplies. We are always surrounded by flood waters during any severe weather, so our office is closed as we prepare for the potential situation. Email and text are the best ways to reach us if you want to help. We hope and pray that it doesn’t get as bad as it potentially could.

Please be sure you prepare as well to protect your family and pets in the event that you are evacuated, flooded in, or in the path of any bad weather from these storms.

If you would like to help Acadiana Humane Society prepare, donations can be sent to help us purchase much needed food and supplies.
http://acadianahumane.org/catblogger/donate Thank you!

TSMarco and TSLaura

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