On January 24, 2019, our animal rescue’s Toyota Highlander Hybrid had some serious brake failure. Everyone is fine, but we need a new brake pump and relay to get the vehicle back on the road. In 2011 Acadiana Humane Society won Toyota’s 100 Cars For Good Facebook contest. Toyota donated a brand new, gas efficient Hybrid SUV. This vehicle has been driven over 200,000 miles doing animal rescue work, saving and improving the lives of thousands of animals since then! She has been very loyal to us, and we do not want to loose her. Especially since we are an all volunteer, non-profit animal rescue on a very tight shoestring budget. We can not afford to purchase even a used vehicle! While the Highlander Hybrid is a wonderful, gas efficient vehicle; it is more expensive to repair a hybrid vehicle than a regular one. The parts are on order, but will cost $3,089.00 for parts and service. Donations are urgently needed so that we can bail the car out of the service department when it’s ready! Please donate via our website’s Paypal link or other options listed on our donate page: http://acadianahumane.org/catblogger/donate  Please donate! Any amount helps! Acadiana Humane Society can not do any adoption events, veterinarian runs, or anything else without this vehicle! Until the car is repaired and paid for, we have no choice but to stop taking in new rescues. Our next scheduled adoption event will need to be canceled if we can not get the car back in time, and if no one else steps up to transport the animals to Petco for us. Please help us get back on the road to rescue!

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