Acadiana Humane Society volunteers have been very busy saving the lives of many dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other small animals. So busy that we haven’t had a lot of time for fundraising. We are only able to do what we do with money raised through donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees. We currently owe several different vets quite a bit of money and can really use your help to pay down these vet bills so we can continue doing what we do to save lives. We currently owe Spay Nation in Lafayette $3,468.00. We owe Country Place Veterinary Clinic $967.87. We also owe Pet Care Animal Hospital $343.00. As well as $200.00 to Azaela Lakes Animal Clinic. We also just started working with Town and Country Vet Clinic and currently owe them over $224.00. This is a total of $5,202.87 and growing. We recently took in a deaf Catahoula puppy, two kittens, four rabbits, a Colllie mix and her ten newborn puppies, and a couple of dogs. Our adoptions have been doing pretty well, having two, three or more adoptions a week. But, our new intakes are coming in even faster, and they all require vet care that almost always costs more then the adoption fee we charge would cover for that pet. What does this mean? This means we can not survive on adoption fees alone! We really do count on donations and fundraiser support. We need you to help us because we can’t do what we do without you. Every donation helps, no matter how big or how small. You can easily make a donation in any amount using our PayPal link on the side of this page. You can also mail us a check or money order made out to Acadiana Humane Society to us at our mailing address: Acadiana Humane Society; P.O. Drawer C; Sunset, LA 70584-0536. If you would like to specify how you want your donation spent: vet bills, pet food bills, or even which specific vet or pet you would like to see the payment help, please make a note with your donation.

Moses the Deaf Catahoula PuppyJo and Charlie10 Puppies April 10th

Another way you can help is to donate something of value or interest that we can use in one of our fundraisers to help raise money. We have a couple of fundraiser events coming up, one the weekend of May 11th (details to be announced once the company we are working with gives us the authorization to announce it), and the other to be announced at a later date, where we will need auction items to sell. We are looking for any sort of video game, anime or movie DVD or Blue Ray, music CDs,  anime collectibles, movie collectibles, books, posters, pictures, or autographed swag of any kind! We also are looking for fast food vouchers and gift cards, as well as restaurant and store gift cards which can be used as door prizes or auctioned off at our events. If you would like to donate an item for us to auction at one of our fundraiser events, please email us at with more information on the item(s) you have to donate, as well as how you would like to get the items(s) to us. Then, if local our Director can meet you to pick it up. Or, if you need our shipping address, we can provide that for you. You may also leave a voice mail or send a text to our Director, Sue Rabeaux at 337-371-5477 if you are interested in donating or helping with either of these fundraiser events. Thank you!



3215 Louisiana Ave., Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, April 27th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, May 4th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, May 18th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, May 25th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, June 1st 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, June 8th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, June 15th AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, June 22nd 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, June 29th 11AM-3PM

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