Spring is in the air and adoptions are up! This month we’ve been very busy with adoptions of cats, dogs, ferrets, and rabbits! If you are looking to adopt, we just might have the perfect pet for you! Please feel free to check out our adoptions page for more information on how you can adopt a pet from Acadiana Humane Society.

Please keep in mind that pets are a lifetime commitment. When considering gifts for children for Easter, please do not give a baby bunny or duckling or other live animal without the parent’s permission! Many baby rabbits are surrendered after Easter when the newness of the babies wears off and the reality of their responsibility sets in. Plush pets & chocolate bunnies are the best option in most cases. Always research any new pet before getting one. Rabbits can live a long, healthy life if properly cared for. Also, please remember to adopt rather then shop when looking for a new family member. Both Acadiana Humane Society and Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue have many rescue rabbits available for adoption. Thank you!

Easter Bunnies

Please vote once a day for Acadiana Humane Society in Sunset, LA in the Animal Rescue Site’s Shelter Contest to help us win grant money to be able to save more dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets & other animals! Please vote and confirm using this link: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces?siteId=3 Thank you!



3215 Louisiana Ave., Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, March 23rd 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, March 30th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, April 6th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, April 13th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, April 20th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, April 27th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, May 4th 11AM-3PM
  • Petco Adoption Event: Saturday, May 25th 11AM-3PM

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